More than a Language Course

Language Lovers has a positive impact on your company culture. 


Our Mission

We combine your priorities and our experience to create a unique experience with holistic professional benefits.

Provision of effective and motivating German courses through supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic teachers. 


Your Benefits

The benefits affect the company and the employee level. This creates a holistic value for your company. 

The companies` Benefits

Improve employee loyalty and reduce turnover rates: improved quality of life and greater ease of communication is such that employees are less likely to relocate.

Greater communication amongst the company and partners at all levels ensures consistency and efficiency.

Improved work relations through shared experiences creates a healthy and productive work environment.


The Employees` Benefits

Improved quality of life inside and outside of the office.

An opportunity for team bonding with colleagues embarking on the journey together.

Increased diverse mental stimulation creates numerous health benefits.